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Ethical Choices

A Vote for Bob was originally an environmental campaign, as follows…

A vote for Bob is a vote for nature, originally championed by the RSPB. I may be just one small red squirrel, but I have big ambitions. I want my young – and yours – to inherit a world where they can thrive. I’m challenging all politicians to take care of the natural places we all need and enjoy. I’m not asking you to become a tree-hugger (that’s my job). But in the run-up to the General Election, now’s the time to get nature on our politicians’ agenda. A vote for Bob is a vote for nature.

I may be a red squirrel, but once you get past my bushy tail, pointy ears and whiskery features, there’s not much difference between me and you. Honest.

I’ve decided I can no longer sit here in my tree gnawing on nuts, while the woodlands, meadows and wildlife around me are disappearing. It’s time to make a stand.

Our children deserve to know what it’s like to run through a wildflower meadow and hear a skylark’s song.

It’s time I gave nature a voice – I’ve seen too much of it disappear.

We need to ask every party leader what they intend to do to look after our wildlife, countryside and wild places. That’s why I’m off on the campaign trail – to help ensure nature is back on our politicians’ agendas.

I’ll be popping up here, there and everywhere, reminding people around the UK just why nature is important.

The serious stuff

Ok, as a squirrel, you’d expect me to say we can’t survive without nature. But, as well as being home to me and my friends, nature brings us all so many benefits that we just can’t afford to lose.

And yet, right in front of our eyes, it is disappearing

How can you get involved?

First thing’s first, if you haven’t already, then please vote for me.

By voting and showing your support for my campaign, you are telling politicians that nature matters to you. The more votes I get, the louder my voice will be and the more politicians I can reach with our message.

You can also email your local MP directly and ask them to make a commitment to raise nature up the political agenda by backing my campaign.

It’s really important that as many people as possible show their support. More votes mean we can reach more politicians with our message – so let’s start spreading the word!

You can also download your free campaign pack. Put up a poster, pose with a placard or make a mask. If you’re feeling inspired you can bring your own ideas to life and share them online, using the hashtag #voteforbob

Ethical Automation

Other initiatives – Tech & automation for a clean, green, and productive future

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